Koffee With Karan Language Barrier

I started watching an episode with my mum, she wanted to see the one with Ranveer Singh and Arjun Kapoor, because it kept advertising on TV, and I realised that most, if not all the episodes, the guests as well as Karan are speaking in English. (They probably have been from Season 1 but I’ve never picked up on it).

My mum understands English but doesn’t really speak it, so most of the time she just gets the gist of what they’re saying. I know sometimes she doesn’t understand what they’re talking about because of their words, like when Ranveer called Karan a “needler”, she would understand it better in Hindi. Sometimes she even asks me what does this mean, which I think as an Asian TV Show (even if it is a chat show) isn’t right.
It’s harder to explain the private jokes they make amongst themselves, which doesn’t come out the same when you translate it. Some words can’t be translated which will be the same from Hindi to English.

Considering the channel it airs on (Star TV in India, Star Plus in the UK), the primary audiences’ first language, their background, their education. Unless they have been in further education or communicate in English, these audiences wouldn’t understand half of the stuff the guests say.

A few days days ago I watched ‘The Roundtable with Rajeev Masand’ I watched the one with the Actors first, with Aamir, Ranbir, Irrfan and Nawazuddin before I saw the one with the actresses.
While Rajeev was asking them questions in English, the other three didn’t have a problem in replying back in English, but Nawazuddin was the only one who replied back in Hindi with the odd English word here and there. Even Rajeev translated the questions, when he was asking Nawazuddin, which I think helped him and didn’t make him feel like the odd one out, because he was replying back in Hindi.
I don’t know if anyone noticed that or they were just mostly listening to the answers, not how they were saying it.
I know slowly but surely he will pick it up as well but for some reason it’s just become normal for them to always speak in English.

If they can do movies in Hindi, why not chat shows? I’m not saying they should all be in Hindi but good amount of it should be.

While it might be great for international audiences, for the people who have grown up watching Hindi cinema, they should be able to understand them better.

Don’t you think?



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