So after watching the 6th episode of Season 4 ‘Damage’ I don’t know what’s happening with this show!

All I can think of right now is how dare David (James Tupper) make Nolan (Gabriel Mann) cry! Not the lovely Nolan Ross who’s been by Emily AKA Amanda’s side from day one but to make him cry on national TV is going too far, and bless Nolan for proving yet again what loyalty to a friend means, who didn’t just blurt out that Amanda is alive!!

It’s frustrating to watch at times, what is David’s game? Obviously he said getting revenge for the death of Amanda, but it took him 3 episodes (in show terms probably just a few days) for him to actually visit Nolan, when really isn’t he the first person you would see, to find out what happened to your daughter? Instead of going for the woman who helped put you in prison, and make the nation label you a terrorist?

One thing I’m glad about at the end of this episode is Charlotte (Christa B. Allen) leaving for “rehab” again. She was seriously just driving me crazy, a bit pointless and doesn’t really fit in with the storyline, thought she would be spending more time with her back from the dead dad. But for me she hasn’t been the same since Declan died. She’s just trying to fit in somewhere.

Also right at the end when Jack’s (Nick Wechsler) partner Ben (Brian Hallisay) goes snooping because really he wants to be a detective instead of being a police officer, we discover another side of David’s mystery life. I mean if you’re trying to hide your whereabouts so no one knows where you’re hiding, WHY would you mark the place you’re hiding in? It was quick thinking from Jack’s part to say he’s joining the murder mystery, so Ben doesn’t become suspicious. But Ben has been to Emily’s beach house,  I’m sure he will put 2 + 2 together in no time.

Also what’s the deal with Louise Ellis (Elena Satine) why is she after a mother figure from Victoria? Is it her power and arrogance aura she likes to present to people? Did she really think Victoria would just accept her as one of her kids just because she’s rich? I really want to know her back story.

Lastly how long is Emily going to hide she’s Amanda! Surely the quicker she tells her dad the quicker they can BOTH get revenge on Victoria. Rumour has it that this is the last season of Revenge. But after this episode I can see it dragging for another season at least.


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