How To Get Away With Murder Season 1 Finale

I have been meaning to do a weekly round up of the shows I have been watching but I get so engrossed in them and talk about it with fellow fans that I forget to actually write about it.

The last time I mentioned How To Get Away With Murder was back in October when it had just started. Not only has Viola Davis won The People’s Choice Award for Favourite Actress In A New TV Series, as well as Best Actress (Television Series Drama) at the Golden Globes. The show has also won Outstanding Drama Series at the Image Awards so with many accolades associated with this show you can tell how popular it has been.

Now onto the season finale, I watched it a day after it aired because I’m in the UK, so I can’t really tell how many people tuned in but I’m assuming a lot. It was near enough an hour and half long and it was really about concluding who really killed Lila Stangard (Megan West). In the previous episode we are left to think maybe Rebecca (Katie Findlay) may actually be twisted and have possibly killed her.
Wes (Alfred Enoch) suspects Rebecca had a hand in Lila’s murder, so Connor (Jack Falahee), Michaela (Aja Naomi King) and Laurel (Karla Souza) decide to the only way to get the truth from Rebecca is tying her up, it goes to far so Annalise has to interject. They end up taking Rebecca to Annalise’s house where they have to present a case about why they think Rebecca killed Lila like how they would present it in a trial.
There are their personal lives woven into this season finale as well like Connor and his partner Oliver (Conrad Ricamora) getting themselves tested for STD so that they can start their relationship properly, Michaela meeting her mother-in-law where she finally decides she doesn’t want to get married. We see Bonnie (Liza Weil) and Asher (Matt McGorry) sort of announce they’re a couple to Frank (Charlie Weber), lastly Annalise has kept her word and got Nate (Billy Brown) released on bail.

So as you can tell the writers had a lot of information and detail to show in an hour and half. For me there wasn’t a single bit that I felt they missed out on even right till the end when we find out that Lila’s real killer is **SPOILER** Frank!! He always looked dodgy to me but we see that he owed Sam (Tom Verica) a favour so he strangled Lila and dumped her body in the water tank. Which would make sense because if Rebecca had really killed her (like we were made to believe) then how is she supposed to carry a girl up the ladders, someone else would have to be involved which would complicate it even more.

Also I want to say that this first season for a new drama had the best cliff hanger I have ever seen in a drama. It was a total mindf***, I was left open mouthed thinking huh? what just happened? I had to go over the last 5 minutes again just in case I missed something. The ending shows Annalise announcing to rest of the students that Rebecca has escaped and asking who let her free (she was tied up in the basement) so while the students think she’s runaway and going to tell the police, in the meantime Wes has a mental breakdown and Annalise mothers him until he leaves asking what they will do about Rebecca where she says they will find her THEN it closes with Annalise going to the basement and we see Rebecca’s lifeless body behind/underneath the stairs. She asks Frank if he did it, and he says he suspected she did it.

So ladies and gentleman season 2 is going to be who killed Rebecca Stutter. I REALLY hope it isn’t Wes since he’s already killed Sam, Frank has killed Lila. I’m guessing it was Michaela or Laurel they seemed the most tensed to me.
So that concludes the first season of How To Get Away With Murder, what did you think of it?

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