Tareefan – Female Anthem we need or nah?

To be totally honest I didn’t even understand the trailer let alone what this song is trying to do. If it’s the whole gender role reverse for the men to be backing dancers then yeah ok (my god they have some fine men in this video!) but like where is the dancing? They could’ve got any choreographer from these unlimited dance shows in India, and I’m sure they would’ve done 100% better.

I will say that both Sonam and Bebo looked stunning, and their makeup looked bold and sultry but again this video looks like an end of movie credit song to me. Why didn’t Swara have her own moment in the video? I thought they all had equal roles in this movie, after all the leads are all women. Not like she had to dance because the other two didn’t.

Now for the actual song, it’s a grower on me, I personally don’t like Badshah’s raps, they’re very basic. I would’ve preferred Guru Randhawa as he does good punjabi anthems, or even Diljit Dosanjh but hey beggers can’t be choosers.
Without the rap this song isn’t bad. I like the chorus.

What do you think about this song?

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