My name is Dhipa and I am a Media Studies graduate. I have always been interested in the entertainment industry, and have been studying Media Studies since I was 16 so taking it as a degree was a natural step for me.

I have been blogging for a few years now, started off on Tumblr, as I’m sure a lot of teenagers/young adults do. It’s one of the easiest blogging platforms around, allowing anyone and everyone to express themselves how they want.
It helps build a following and making friends along the way. Tumblr has surprisingly taught me a lot, especially about “fandoms”, memes and Gifs culture and honestly how to make topics and discussions go viral.

I first started blogging to share my views and opinions about what I enjoyed watching. Then talking to like minded people who also shared similar interests with me, helped me write reviews on music videos and latest movie releases.

I review, movies,  TV shows and current affairs for now.
I don’t write, direct or am in any form involved in movies, which is the same for TV shows. I’m just an avid watcher who loves entertainment, and who likes to think more in depth of what I watch and hear around me. Hazard of studying media, you will always be analysing!

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