Celebrity Big Brother 2018 so far (05/01/18)…

Kicking off the new year with a bit of drama, hosted by Emma Willis and the sister show ‘Bit on the side: hosted by Rylan Clarke, Celebrity Big Brother is back!
I have to say well done to Big Brother for choosing a strong theme, it is the year of the woman. As Beyoncé asked “who runs the world?” “GIRLS.”
CBB decided to celebrate the centenary of woman being allowed to vote from 1918 in the UK, kicking it off by sending in 8 women into the house, to stay a few days before the men were allowed in.

I have been watching Big Brother for years but I would say, over the past few years since it’s been airing on Channel 5, I’ve been watching it here and there, especially the celebrity version.
Celebrity Big Brother (CBB) happens twice a year, once during the winter (now) and another during the summer, so I thought to myself lets see who the contestants are and that will determine if I watch it or not.
These are the celebrity housemates in the order they went into the house:

  • Anne Widecombe:  a retired Tory (Conservative) British Politician. I would she is fairly well known in the UK amongst all ages, especially since appearing in Strictly Come Dancing in 2010, and she has appeared in many other game shows as a panelist over the years since retiring. Anne is considered to be controversial mainly because of her political views, and just being a straight talking person when it comes to voicing her opinion, whether you like it or not.


  • Malika Haqq: as many people may recognise as being 1/2 of the twins on Keeping Up with the Kardashians (KUWTK), and being mainly seen around her best friend Khloe Kardashian. She’s appeared in other shows across the pond, but like me I’m sure most people just know of her from KUWTK.


  • Rachel Johnson: another Johnson on a reality game show. She’s an editor, journalist, author and a tv presenter, so she has many skills under her belt. After her dad Stanley Johnson was fans favourite in I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here 2017 (personal favourite show ever!), here’s hoping his daughter and sister of Boris Johnson (Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth affairs) can win the audiences’ votes.


  • Ashley James: she’s a DJ, model and a social media personality (which has a broad meaning nowadays, I’m guessing it means she’s fairly known by the youth?).


  • India Willoughby: she is a newsreader and the first transgender woman to enter the Big Brother house. India who was born Jonathan Willoughby underwent gender reassignment surgery only 2 years ago in 2015.


  • Maggie Oliver: was a Detective Constable in a serious case here in the UK, where she revealed about the grooming scandal in Rochdale. She also had a tv programme based on her real-life situation called ‘Three Girls’. She was assigned as witness protection and encouraged the vulnerable victims to give statements in order to bring their abusers to justice.


  • Jess Impiazzi – is a glamour model and I think is more known for appearing on the MTV reality show Ex on the Beach.


  • Amanda Barrie: is a soap star who some British fans who watch Coronation Street will recognise as Alma, who she’s being playing for over two decades. At aged 82 she is the oldest constant to appear on CBB. She came out about her sexuality much later in life, and is married to former journalist and novelist Hilary Bonner.


In the first three days we saw the ladies start the first night off by doing a live task. They were split into teams of 2, where the quickest couple to set up a made up a large electricity board got immunity from the first live eviction. Amanda and Jess won, so they were given power to choose one other housemate they wanted to save from eviction. BB gave them some time to speak to all the housemates (without them knowing about this secret power) and both unanimously chose to save Maggie.

Over the first few days Big Brother have given them opportunities to save themselves from live eviction. The second task was to debunk the “stereotypical typewriter.” This task was to prove women can throw. They each threw 4 axes at a target board, where Malika got the highest score of nine and saved herself from eviction.
The third task was to see if they could change a tire. They were split into two teams, Anne and India and Ashley and Rachel. They had to beat the time of 4 minutes and 30 seconds, which they couldn’t beat so four of them are nominated (for now).

I can only pick out a few memorable moments in the first few days between the ladies, and some important topics of discussion between women who have hardly/never met. They’re getting to know each other and actually speak very openly about their personal life, from India talking about her transition, Amanda talking about coming out, Jess explaining what she wants to get out of appearing in the CBB house about the misconceptions about glamour models and generally seeing how these women who come from all walks of life interact. That’s really the only reason to watch Big Brother, as it is a social experiment.

We’ve started to see a bit of friction between India and some of the housemates like Anne, Amanda and Rachel, who have misgendered India a couple of times while in groups of conversations.
They have all apologised immediately as I’m sure like most people who meet a transgender person will take time to call them by the correct pronouns, but we can see India is starting to get really annoyed. I don’t really blame her for the her reactions as there’s only so many times you can correct someone, but she also has to understand it’s probably the first time many of them have probably met a transgender, like give them a break. Amanda even went up to her in the garden and said sorry again but India refused to accept her apology.

Friday night we saw the male housemates enter the house and they were:

  • John Barnes: a former Liverpool and England footballer and manager in the 1980s and 1990s, now turned football pundit.


  • Shane Jeneck (AKA Courtney Act): is an Australian Drag Queen famously known for appearing in Ru Paul’s Drag Race.


  • Shane Lynch: from one of the biggest boybands, Boyzone. Boyzone was before my era of boybands but my older sister’s used to listen to them. He’s following the footsteps of his sister Edele Lynch who appeared in CBB in 2014 and also a member of the girlband B*Witched, who’s music I listened to growing up.


  • Jonny Mitchell: from the ITV reality show Love Island (which I’ve never watched) and he also used to date Stephanie Pratt.


  • Daniel O’Reilly: also known as his “comedian” stage name ‘Dapper Laughs’. He became popular on Facebook and Vine. He’s probably one of the most controversial member to enter the house because of his outside reputation. In 2014 he was accused of degrading women via his ITV show, and what furthered his downward spiral is when he claimed that a female member in the audience of one of his live shows was “gagging for a rape”, which led his ITV show and comedy tour cancelled.


  • Wayne Sleep: is a former Royal Ballet dancer. Since retiring he has appeared in many tv shows including Celebrity Masterchef, BBC’s and ‘The Real Marigold Hotel’. He’s openly bisexual and married to husband José Bergera.


  • Andrew Brady: rose to fame from being in last year’s The Apprentice 2017. I personally don’t understand why he’s in this show, I’m not a huge fan of his personality he comes aeross as misogynistic and just a prick in my eyes.


  • Genuwine: who I’m sure will recognise as the RnB singer known for the single ‘Pony’. He was very popular in the 1990s, and was 1/3 of the group TGT along with Tank and Tyrese. I was surprised to see him go in but every year an American singer enters the house.


So these are all of the 16 housemates of Celebrity Big Brother 2018.
Emma also announced another twist for the men once they all entered the house. Until further notice  only the men in the house will be carrying out household chores and the women aren’t allowed to lift a finger. The women had assigned jobs to the men before they went in, but they can obviously change their minds, which means the men have to be in their best behaviour if they want to be let off easy.

I’m looking forward to watching as the days go on and see if we get to see some unlikely friendships, which I’m hoping for. Also lets see how long I keep watching…