PODCASTS – What You Should Listen To

I know I mentioned podcasts sometime back in 2016, but I kept forgetting to make a post about it, so finally this weekend I found some time to write up a somewhat basic summary, of the podcasts I listen to on a weekly basis (because most podcasts are uploaded weekly).
I’m sure at least 2 or 3 of them will be interesting to listen to either on commute, or have it playing when doing chores around your house, you might even end up laughing along with the hosts as I’ve found myself doing many times.
Some of these podcasts have celebrity guests just to give a different perspective which is what I like the most about listening to these small talk shows, which can be as short as 20 minutes or take as long as a feature length movie (not joking!)

I’ve been listening to podcasts since late 2013, so it’s been just over 4 and half years which is crazy, it’s just part of my weekly routine and I didn’t even realise this change, but I’m not complaining.
These are in no particular order.

The Read – Kid Fury & Crissle

It’s a weekly podcast where they discuss pop culture’s “stars” mostly throwing shade, giving advice with listener letters and ending the week with “a read” on the most ridiculous person or story of the week. I love listening to their take on celebrities who are being stupid in the week, because sometimes you just need someone to say what majority of us are thinking (not just on twitter).
FYI: They’re Blue Ivy and Beyoncé stans so don’t come for either of them. You have been warned.

The Brilliant Idiots – Charlamagne Tha God & Andrew Schulz

Most people will be familiar with the name Charlamagne tha god who is one of the hosts for Power 105.1’s The Breakfast Club. You may have seen some of their interviews going viral i.e. Birdman “put some respeck on my name”. He’s also a producer, actor and a Hip Hop head. You might have even heard his name in a couple of songs by Drake and recently Safaree – Hunnid.
Andrew Schulz is a stand up comedian and an actor. The duo met by working for MTV2’s Guy Code and is an uncensored weekly podcast where they talk about not only pop culture but politics and sport. Their opinions are sometimes on point or just stupid, and that’s why they’re the brilliant idiots.

2 Dope Queens – Jessica Williams & Phoebe Robinson

The 2 comedians host a live comedy show in New York which is then made into a podcast.
Although sometimes I wish it was one of those video podcasts on YouTube.
Jessica Williams used to be part of Saturday Night Live so you might have seen her on a few sketches on YouTube. They talk about anything and everything which makes it fun to listen to, and is just a great laugh if you’re into your comedy, sometimes they even have celebrity guests. Recently they filmed these live shows as a comedy special for HBO, now that’s major news!

Bodega Boys – Desus Nice & The Kid Mero

They’re comedians and self confessed twitter trolls, repping the Bronx, New York like no ones business. They’re proud New Yorkers who have hot takes on literally anything and everything. You may have seen them appear on late night shows like The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon a couple of times.
They started off as Desus VS Mero and later changed their name to Bodega Boys. I only started listening to them from mid last year but they have “been in the game” for many years.
They even have their own late night talk show on Viceland called Desus & Mero where they cover daily news, where they basically roast everyone. They also interview ‘illustrious’ guests from all walks of life.
They were also hailed as 2017 New Yorkers of the year by Time Out New York!

The Friend Zone – HeyFranHey, Assanté and Dustin

The name for me was misleading because I thought it was a podcast about couple where one of them got “friend zoned” but alas it isn’t. It’s a “weekly look at mental health, mental wellness and mental hygiene because who in the hell wants a musty brain” – as Dustin will say.
They each have their own segments which I love. Fran is the queen of wellbeing, she’s always looking for ways where one can always better themselves in whatever they want, whether it’s relationships, wealth, health and just overall wellbeing. Assanté is the king of music, he has his own monthly playlist on Spotify so do give them a follow. And Dustin is hilarious and unapologetic which I love.
If you want to know how to constantly be bettering yourself, definitely give this a listen.

Reply All – PJ Vogt and Alex Goldman

It’s basically a podcast about the internet so who wouldn’t love listening to this?! The hosts break down internet news that have gone viral on twitter, and even investigate bigger stories that really make you think about how secure is the internet. Covering topics from cyber security, to identity frauds to even telemarketing calls and travelling all the way to India to catch these cold callers. You have to listen to this insightful and informational podcast.

Serial – Sarah Koeing

Undiscovered – Rabia Chaudry, Collin Miller & Susan Simpson

 S-Town – Brian Reed

They all fall under the true crime genre of podcasts, so if you like your true crime documentaries you will like each of them.
Like many podcast listeners I too started off by listening to Serial where in the first season Sarah Koeing covered the story of Adnan Syed, an American Pakistani who was convicted of killing his girlfriend. I followed this story religiously which then led me to follow it further on the Undisclosed Podcast, where his family friend Rabia Chaudry, professor Collin Miller and investigator Susan Simpson went in depth into this case.
It was fascinating to learn legal jargon and also the juridical system of different states of America.
This lead me to finding out about S-Town, which was a short 7 part podcast/ mini-series from the makers of Serial, which started off as a murder mystery but turned into an in-depth interview/storytelling of a quirky, lonely, single man who probably knew too many secrets about the town.
This was one of these podcasts that actually had me trying to google more about this story. I don’t want to give the story away but all I can say is definitely put this on your listen list. 

Bollywood News

Yes I’ve had to break this down into 2 sections as well because not only do I want to know about english pop-culture but I also get my Bollywood news from podcasts.

The Bollywood Project – Uzma & Hani

I was searching for a Bollywood related podcast because if anyone knows me they know I love and live Bollywood, so I came across The Bollywood Project and I can honestly say, if you’ve missed what’s going on in Bollywood for a while, this podcast will catch you up.
It’s very informative but also fun. They discuss everything to do with Bollywood whether it’s new music videos, who’s signing up for what projects, who’s put their foot in their mouth, and then ending each episode with what many Bollywood fans read, “Blind items’ where without naming names, journalists and critics often write articles to get the rumour mill started about industry folks lives. You might get lucky to get some 101’s of Bollywood with their bonus episodes.

Bollywood Boys Podcast – Shaan & Saagar

This is still a fairly new podcast for me and only found out about this when the duo were guests on The Bollywood Project. Each week the boys watch a Bollywood movie which is often available on Netflix, they ask the listeners to guess the movie through their instagram and if you get it right you get a shout out! Yay! Even if you guess it wrong you get a shout out! Listeners are asked to send in their questions about the movie where they try their best to answer them after pondering long and hard about what was the real meaning behind each movie we as Bollywood fans enjoy watching (or don’t). The end each episode with a takeaway for example what they have learnt from watching the film of the week. It can be as something simple as “love your parents” to “you ain’t shit” who knows.

Bollywood Weekly – Aditya & guests

This podcast has recently gone on hiatus because I believe the host got married or engaged? But it used to be a weekly podcast mainly reviewing a movie Aditya and his friends have watched in the cinema. They review the movie in depth about what they liked, or didn’t and then a round up of other Bollywood news i.e. latest trailers.
I often decided to watch some of these movie or not depending on this podcast, so I found it helpful.

If you want to follow any of these podcasts or individuals then you know to follow them on twitter, or even email into the show.

I know most of the pop culture podcasts I listen to are American based, but that’s because of what I’m into, whether it’s music or tv shows.
I am looking for British based ones as well, so if you have any recommendations of who to listen to, then do let me know!